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Thermopylae - Delphi

The pass of Thermopylae, where the battle took place between the Persians and Spartans will leave you speechless.

The remains of the wall and the gate are still there. Thermopylae was the gateway to Greece. The Persians, under Xerxes I, invaded Greece in 480 BC.

Delphi is an iconic place that’s among Greece’s most popular tourist attractions. It’s also one of the most important sites in all of Greece. Delphi was once the center of the ancient world, where people would come to pray and make important decisions. The ruins of this once-great city are still impressive today, and visiting these monuments puts you in touch with some of the earliest civilizations on Earth!

Traveling to Ancient Greece is a unique experience that you won’t soon forget. If you want to explore the region where it all began, take a day trip from Athens to see and explore Delphi. Book now!

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